Firstly was established to provide solutions to the needs of automotive electronics, smart agriculture, industrial electronics, control systems, internet of things (IoT) and various software technologies.

In the field of electronic control, there is a need for flexible, reliable and accurate products in many fields for both end-user and research and development purposes. These are vehicle body control, hydraulic system control, electric vehicle engine control and driving support systems, industrial control cards, wireless systems, IPTV, etc. as at various levels. Our company’s employees, with their past experience in these fields, have produced and continue to produce projects to meet the expectations in all of the needs in this field.

OUR MISSION: To realize the solutions produced to the requirements in the field of Electronics and Software, primarily by using the least critical materials that are correct, reliable, durable, environmentally friendly, competitive, with high added value and within the domestic possibilities as much as possible.

OUR VISION: To become an important organization in the future of the country and to become a world brand in its field in the next 10 years.